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  1. Pdx Hempfest 2017 Recap

    AZENTIVE recaps their time at PDX Hempfest 2017
  2. How To Choose The Best Indoor Lights For Plants

    Hey everyone! We recently wrote a blog that I think you'll find useful. Original content from: How to Choose the Best Indoor Grow Lights for Plants - When looking for the right lighting system for your growing operation, it is easy to get bogged down with tables full of numbers and acronyms. What numbers should you be looking for when trying to decide on the best grow lights for plants? While all of these terms do relate to lighting, only a few offer meaningful insight into the quality of...
  3. Female Seed

    Hello is their someone who can help me with the process of making female seed? We like to do this so all help is welcome. We work from Europe and can help you with your choice of seed strains. Medical Marijuana seeds depending of your situation it's good to know with strain is the best for you. Do you need a potent/ strong strain or a strain with more CBD. So how to make female seeds with all the info their is on the internet I feel like it's the best too ask it here on Ted,s by the people...
  4. CBD Hemp Oil Guide

    CBD hemp oil includes low-THC hemp, high-CBD, whereas medical marijuana products are generally constructed from plants that have high psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentrations. Since hemp only contains trace levels of THC, they may be non-psychoactive hemp oil products. Cannabidiol (CBD) is just one of over 85 cannabinoids that have been found being contained inside the cannabis plant and has the second highest amount of cannabinoid in marijuana following THC. However, in hemp,...
  5. Cloning With Aloe Vera

    How to clone your marijuana organicly.
  6. Cannabis Clubs Could Be A Reality In Your State

    Do you want Cannabis Clubs to become a reality in your state?
  7. How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?

    Determining how long weed or its chemical compounds will remain in the system is a common question for users and testers alike.
  8. Marijuana Legalization In 21 Century

    In 21 century the United States of America created a new legal system according to the use of marijuana. In this article you can find all the necessary information about that.Medical marijuana card online - 420 Evaluations
  9. Mexico's Failed 10-year Drug War & Why America Supports It

    InSight Crime, a non-profit research organization that focuses on the drug trade in Latin America, published an eye-opening story on Monday. Reading the full story is worth your time as it offers specific details of how one of Mexico’s most powerful cartels, Los Zetas, has corrupted influential politicians. That includes bribes of $2 million a month to the governor of Coahuila, a Mexican state that borders Texas along the Rio Grande. In the same evening of InSight’s report, Los Zetas took...
  10. Forgive Those, Who Drink The Kool-aid, For They Know Not What They Do

    000 by Cool Connections posted Sep 30, 2016 at 7:10 AMI don’t think that it’s any secret that I came into cannabis through the california medical marijuana scene. One day in 2000, just after finishing my degree as a Paralegal, I got a call from my dad, asking if I had any stored sick, or vacation, days that were usable at work. Panicked, because my step-mom (basically since age 9, so my mom...) had been diagnosed with breast cancer, only 2 years before, and we were not yet out of the woods...
  11. Payment Processors Won't Touch Cannabis

    Payment processors still won't support little sites that discuss marijuana like TMF does. We don't offer a trade forum, or do anything illegal, yet the answer is still no even when the evidence that they support the bigger companies are evident. This is a log of the emails starting from the newest to the oldest going back and forth with Stripe.
  12. High 5 Tours...looking To Set The Standard For Cannabis Tourism In Oregon

    I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Sam, the owner of High 5 Tours, about their mission and services and he is practically beaming about the future of cannabis travel in Oregon. High 5 Tours advertises itself as “Portland’s Premiere Cannabis Tour Company” offering Cannabis Adventures, Private Rentals and something called CannaPDX. Their first tour launched in October of 2015, just after the recreational cannabis law passed, and they have been enjoying the ride ever since. Their...
  13. Oregon's Unique & Hidden Treasures

    I feel like Oregon gets no love when it comes to cannabis tourism coverage. I have read blogs, articles, websites and opinions, to prepare for this launch, and I had to look pretty hard to find information on Oregon’s cannabis tourism. Now don’t get me wrong, articles do exist but they are few and far between so I decided that I wanted to launch this blog with the beautiful state of Oregon. My boyfriend, and I, recently passed through Oregon on our way to Seattle for Hempfest. I,...
  14. Arizona Supreme Court Allows Ballot To Legalize Recreational Marijuana

    After the Arizona Supreme Court issued their dissent in the final legal challenge to the measure on Wednesday, the November ballot will feature Proposition 205 -a voter initiative to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. The case had been thrown out after judge declared that Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy did not have the proper right to file suite in order to try to stop the initiative. The Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Jo Lynn Gentry further rejected the suit,...
  15. Guide To Cannabis Plant Training Part 1

    How to Train Indoor Plants for Bigger Yields: Are you interesting in increasing your yields when growing indoors? Plant training is one of the easiest ways to increase your cannabis yields without having to upgrade your light or setup. It can be used to increase your yields up to 40% compared to not training, and it's free! First off, what is plant training? "Plant training" means physically manipulating the plant so it grows more bud sites, resulting in increased yields indoors. Why not...
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