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  1. Atomizers The Most Important Vapor Pen Part

    When buying a high quality vapor pen online, it is very important you understand the importance of the atomizer which is the most important tool you need if you want a quality dabbing machine. The cloud penz 3.0 vapor pen is among one of the best vapor pens online to dab your concentrates with when it all comes down to buying a new vapor pen.
  2. A List Of 11 Terpenes You Need To Know About

    Terps! some insects, and most plants contain Terpenes. Recently, you probably been hearing about or at least heard the word Terp, Terpenes... Terpenes, are Organic Compounds. They affect the taste and aroma of your flowers and with mapping, Like the mapping of DNA. We can manipulate the terpenes, to do... well, do whatever; Science!!!! terpenes, have medicinal benefits. That means, there are non-psychoactive compounds that can be used to safely, treat an array of medical conditions. There...
  3. Mainlining For Bigger Yields & Flat Canopies

    Mainlining: The act of training a cannabis plant to form a "hub" or "manifold" off a single node, creating a center for equal energy distribution from the roots to each cola
  4. Medicine

    Medicine Marijuana is a medicine, it helps eradicate many maladies, and the list is almost endless. One of the best is seizure reduction especially in young children, cancer of all sorts treated with oil on the surface skin or taken orally. It has been demonized beyond belief. According to the powers that be it is the route of all evil. The main reason for the attacks is that big pharma, clothing, building materials, replacement for metal in our vehicles plus fuel to power them, etc.., and...